Reviva Composting

t: 0800 731 1521

f: 020 8449 4004


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We produce a range of quality compost products to PAS100 standard, the British Standard for composted materials.

Our products are available for collection from site as loose or in bulk bags, delivery can also be arranged in bags or as loose tipped loads.

  • 10 mm Soil Conditioner Compost

    – a finely graded soil improver made from naturally composted organic matter. It is peat free and environmentally friendly.

  • 40 mm Mulch

    – a coarse organic surface mulch that will help suppress weed growth and feed the topsoil.

  • Black Gold

    – a premium blend of fine soil conditioner and composted manure, perfect for putting life back into tired or heavy soils.

  • Manure

    – a moist, well rotted farmyard manure which is rich and full of slow releasing natural plant nutrients.

    For delivery of our composts please contact Compost Direct Ltd on 0845 873 1523.

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